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Ye Links Up With Yung Lean And Rich The Kid

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This week Ye, formerly Kanye West, is facing a new series of allegations spawning from his Donda Academy. A new lawsuit filed against him accuses the rapper of discrimination and retaliation, but it’s some of the details included in the suit that got fan’s attention. It accuses West of threatening to shave children’s heads and put them in cages. It’s a continuation of lawsuits that came out last year making even more bizarre allegations about the Academy. Though a new report has shined a new light on one of the most recent lawsuits. It revealed that the man who filed it actually still has a daughter in the Donda choir.

While all of this is going on, fans are hoping Ye is hard at work on VULTURES 2. We’ve gotten some hints in recent weeks that he could be hard at work on the album like videos of him and Ty Dolla $ign in the studio. Now a new picture of the rapper making the rounds online might even hint at some of the artists who could appear on the record. That picture features Yung Lean and Rich The Kid hanging out with West. Rich contributed to “CARNIVAL” the breakout hit song from VULTURES 1. There’s still no information on when the second album will arrive but fans hope it’s coming very soon.

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Ye Poses With Yung Lean And Rich The Kid

West has continued to host VULTURES listening parties in places all over the world. He’s given fans some very small tastes of what may be coming on the second edition of his VULTURES series. He promised that there were three full volumes of the album series on the way.

Despite being pretty late from their originally announced release dates many are still holding their breath. What do you think of Ye posing alongside Yung Lean and Rich The Kid? Are you hoping the pair appear on his next album VULTURES 2? Let us know in the comment section below.

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