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YG & Boxer Devin Haney Reveal Reason They Attended Diddy’s Parties

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YG and boxer Devin Haney have shared the sole reason they attended Diddy’s parties, though one was noticeably more comfortable with the conversation than the other.

In an episode of the 4HUNNID PODCAST that aired on Wednesday (April 10), the two-weight world champion explained why he was attracted to the fabled events, and was also asked to speak on his upcoming opponent, Ryan Garcia, rocking a t-shirt that featured a photo of Diddy and Haney posing shirtless together.

He said: “Diddy had a bunch of hoes at the house, I made my way to the house…Man there’s hoes everywhere, and we know that Diddy got some parties.”

YG’s co-host Stevie again brought up the t-shirt, and the 4HUNNID CEO immediately tried to deescalate the situation, saying: “Man, that’s gonna be a good fight.”

Haney then asked the rapper if he had been to a Diddy party, and YG confirmed that he had. “I be there with the bitches and all that,” he said.

Check out the clip below, which begins at about the 31:30 mark.

YG and his 4HUNNID label have been making moves in the music space as well.

Earlier this month, the label announced a new venture with BMG, effectively ending his previous deal with Epic Records.

In a statement to Billboard, the Cali native revealed that the deal was “officially official.”

“BMG is making big waves in the industry right now,” YG said to the outlet. “This partnership will take my music to new heights. The BMG team understands the vision for my music and business. Excited for what’s to come and the future of my brand.”

“Our partnership with YG isn’t just about music; it’s about expressing his voice, embracing his vision, supporting his entrepreneurship, and helping amplify his next movement,” added Tim Reid, BMG SVP of repertoire & marketing, in a statement to the outlet.

YG’s previous partnership with Epic Records to exclusively release, distribute, and market new music from the Los Angeles-based independent record label was launched in 2020.

“Me and my team have been doing innovative, legendary stuff for years—helping keep the West Coast alive,” YG said via press release at the time. “Now, Epic comes through at the best possible time with a platform for our expansion. I’m proud of this opportunity and will make the most of it.”

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