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young indian couples open about what it is like to be in a live-relationship in India

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Of course, in India, the decision tends to be microscopically examined by various layers of society. A decision between two people, most often deemed scandalous. This is despite live-in relationships being a long standing tradition in many indigenous tribes, though perhaps that’s an unfair analogy for those who have been conditioned by generations of traditions. The popular opinion of those who oppose it consider live-in relationships a frivolous experiment between young people as its apparent “casualness” allows one to walk out of it anytime while the bonds of marriage push the individuals to try harder when adversity comes knocking at the door. This attitude prevails even after the the progressive 2015 judgement by the Supreme Court Of India that recognises the status of a man and woman, who have “lived like husband and wife” for a long period of time to be that of a married couple, where the woman is eligible to inherit the property after the death of her partner. This strong prejudice against live-in relationships persists even after receiving legal acceptance because marriage in Indian society allows family and society to scrutinise a couple’s life and more often than not, also stay involved in it. Whereas the privacy of a couple in a live-in relationship topped with the taboo of premarital sex threatens the authority of Indian society.

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