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YSL Defense Attorney Arrested On Gang Related Charges

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The YSL RICO trial has been quieter across the past few weeks after an eruption of news in January. But now a new arrest outside of those already on trial is totally shaking the proceedings. According to WSB-TV reporter Michael Seiden on Twitter, one of the defense attorneys in the case was arrested earlier today. The attorney at the center of the news is Nicole Fegan and what’s perhaps even more noteworthy than her arrest itself is what she’s been charged with. The attorney working on one of the most substantial gang cases of the past few years was revealed to have been arrested on gang charges.

In successive tweets Seiden explains the situation as it unfolds. “In 2022, APD was investigating a double shooting on the northwest side of the city and police learned that Fegan had contacted a suspect in the shooting, warning him about active warrants for his arrest, APD confirmed,” another one of his tweets reads. “Fegan provided information she had learned during a preliminary hearing related to the shooting and advised the suspect to dispose of his phone as police were going to arrest him,” he elaborates. Check out his full thread explaining the situation below.

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YSL Attorney Arrested For Participation In Street Gang Activity

In a later tweet, Seiden identifies the specific charges she’s facing. “Fegan is charged with participation in criminal street gang activity and criminal solicitation to commit the offense of tampering with evidence,” he reveals. He concludes his series of tweets by confirming the earliest she will possibly be able to see a judge. Since that date is tomorrow she will likely spend a night in police custody.

The YSL trial is expected to continue for the next few months. The most high-profile defendant in the original indictment was Young Thug. He’s one of the final remaining people on trial in the case. What do you think of one of YSL’s defense attorneys being arrested for participating in gang related activity earlier today? Let us know in the comment section below.

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