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50 Cent Sells Diddy Documentary To Netflix: What We Know

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50 Cent has been mercilessly trolling Diddy for months now on social media. All the while, 50 has seemingly been joking about developing a documentary series titled Diddy Do It. Now, according to exclusive reports from outlets such as TMZ, it is clear that this was much more than a simple joke for social media. Apparently, 50 Cent really is producing a Diddy documentary, and Netflix has been tapped as the series’ streaming home. Information regarding Diddy Do It is fairly sparse, as we’re still in the early days of the project’s development. Still, it’s worth diving into the available information and dissecting exactly what 50 Cent’s Diddy documentary will entail. Let’s uncover the facts as they currently stand, and unpack everything we know so far about Diddy Do It.

The Docu-Series Will Center On Diddy’s Alleged Crimes

Diddy has long been considered something of a boogeyman in hip-hop circles. Numerous rappers are seemingly scared to expose the mogul for his alleged wrongdoings. Despite his reputation, 50 Cent has been a public detractor of Diddy for years. This has culminated in 50’s constant trolling of the Bad Boy Records founder ever since Diddy’s legal troubles first began.

In the last year or so, Diddy has been accused of violently assaulting people, including his ex-girlfriend Cassie, as well as participating in numerous drug and sex trafficking crimes. 50 Cent even has a personal stake in Diddy’s operation, as his baby mama Daphne Joy has been accused of serving as Diddy’s sex worker. She has since denied the allegations.

Diddy and the members of his inner circle have not made things easier on themselves either. Last week, a video emerged which appears to show Diddy violently beating, kicking, and dragging Cassie throughout the hallways of a hotel. The LAPD issued a statement explaining that they would not pursue assault charges due to the statute of limitations. Still, Diddy seemingly admitted to his wrongdoing in the footage with a recent apology video. “I was disgusted then when I did it. I’m disgusted now. I went and I sought out professional help… Had to ask God for his mercy and grace. I’m so sorry. But I’m committed to be a better man each and every day. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’m truly sorry,” he said in the video.

The Doc May Need Multiple Installments To Cover All The Details

50 Cent first flooded social media with fake renderings of posters for the Diddy documentary back in December 2023. While posting about the conception of Diddy Do It, 50 joked that he may need to continue adding new episodes as more victims continue to come forward. Diddy’s mounting legal trouble has seen something of a snowball effect in recent months. Multiple lawsuits, accusations, and a federal raid on Diddy’s residences have continued to compound.

Currently, there is no public confirmation of how many episodes Diddy Do It will span. There is a possibility that the Diddy documentary could continue on for multiple seasons. As of now, at least 4 women have accused Diddy of sexual assault, and physical abuse, while others are suing him for failure to honor contractual and financial obligations.

The Documentary Was the Subject Of A Bidding War

According to an exclusive report from TMZ, Netflix got the rights to 50 Cent’s Diddy documentary after an intense bidding war with other streamers and networks. 50 Cent is producing the film through his production outfit G-Unit Film & Television. He has already vowed to donate a portion of the proceeds to victims of sexual assault. Clearly, the fact that Netflix had to bid against numerous other streamers in order to get a hold of the documentary series proves that this is a hot story that won’t be going away any time soon.

For now, Diddy is in hot water, though he has not yet been convicted of any of the alleged crimes. Only time will tell what’s in store for the Bad Boy Records founder. One thing is definitely for sure, 50 Cent will definitely not let up on his long-time rival, no matter the lengths he must go to continue pushing Diddy’s buttons. The release date and additional information regarding 50 Cent’s Diddy documentary are sure to come in the following weeks as this story continues to develop.

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