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“Dirtiest Player In NBA History By Far”

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Draymond Green fired some shots at Skip Bayless last week, calling the FS1 personality the “biggest hater” outside the NBA. “Dude just sits up there and spews hate,” Green said. “I hope I give him a soundbite for his show because it’s dying.” Green’s dream came true on Thursday when the host of The Skip Bayless Show disparaged him on his podcast, branding him “the dirtiest player in NBA history by far.” Skip said of Dray, “Here’s the astonishing truth about Draymond Green. Draymond Green is, no exaggeration, the dirtiest player in NBA history by far. The dirtiest player in NBA history by far is Draymond Green.”

Bayless told his viewers to look up Draymond’s various “lowlight tapes, of the cavalcade of Draymond Green’s dirtiest plays over the years … the cheap shots, the low blows, the dangerous plays. Draymond is the all-time cheap-shot artist.” Nevertheless, a lot of admirers adore Green, according to Bayless. He said, “Everybody loves Draymond,” Bayless said. “Somehow his perception is his reality … the perception of Draymond is, ‘He’s such a nice guy, he’s so fun, he’s funny, he’s glib, he’s witty … he’s just so entertaining, that’s Draymond.”

Skip Bayless Calls Out Draymond Green

“The truth is, Draymond Green is just a great actor. At his core, deepest down, he’s always been a dirty basketball player with one or two screws loose,” Skip Bayless asserted about Green. Bayless continued by highlighting a few particular instances involving Green, such as the well-known physical altercation with Jordan Poole, Green’s teammate with the Golden State Warriors at the time, in 2022.

Naturally, Green would be ranked highly, if not #1, on any credible list of the “Dirtiest Players in NBA History,” but it might not be a good look for Bayless to make that claim at this time, only a few days after Green called him one of the worst haters in the NBA and dared him to answer. Draymond has buried the hatchet with Stephen A. Smith this week. All in all, Skip and Draymond may need to settle things once and for all. 

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