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Adin Ross Didn’t Know Lil Durk Had Been to Jail

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Adin Ross once again proved that simply having rappers’ numbers didn’t make you part of the lifestyle. While reacting to Lil Durk’s new track, Ross was surprised to learn that the Chicago rapper had been to jail. Furthermore, Ross was so surprised that he proceeded to call Durk live on air to ask him about it. However, Durk did not appear especially enthused about the line of questioning. “It ain’t a good thing,” Durk said bluntly about his time in jail.

As mentioned, Ross being a hip-hop outsider when actually pressed on the life is a recurring theme for the streamer. During a 2023 stream at Floyd Mayweather’s gym, Ross tried to link up with Money, only to get a firm check on his ego. As he approaches Mayweather’s crew ringside, Ross is told to stop filming. The rest of the clip takes place with his camera looking at the floor as snippets of their interaction can be heard. The clip was a hard reality check for the rising generation of “streaming celebrities”. For all his bravado, Ross is immediately humbled by the iconic boxer. His usual larger-than-life act immediately disappears as he struggles to find the words to keep up with Mayweather’s verbal dissection. It really drives home that Ross may cosplay the lifestyle but at the end of the day, he really ain’t much.

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Adin Ross Apologizes To Kanye West After Bianca Censori Intervenes

Meanwhile, Ross has apologized for his previous comments about Kanye West struggling to get brand deals. According to Ross, he had been driven to make the rare apology after Kanye’s wife, Bianca Censori, reached out to Ross to set the record straight. Ross confirmed he had received an email directly from Censori asking him to retract his statements.

Ross had tried to continue his trend of paying rappers to appear on his streams by saying he had the backing of Kick and Stake to pay Kanye for an appearance. This was taken as Ross saying that either Kanye is broke or that Kanye needs the charity. Ross backpedaled during his apology, stating that what he meant is that streaming services were not paying Kanye because “they’re not throwing money at anyone.” Do you believe Ross’ apology? Do you consider it an apology at all? Let us know in the comments.

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