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Chilli’s “Caramel” Comments Raise Colorism Debate On Social Media

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It’s impossible to please everyone, but in the social media age, celebrities feel more pressure than ever before to remain politically correct and positive online. Should they choose to reveal any unsavoury opinions, or even have a bad day, flocks of criticism flood their comment section, resulting in even more headaches. TLC’s Chilli was reminded of this the hard way earlier this week when her response to a compliment rubbed thousands the wrong way. In a now-viral video, the singer and her man, Matthew Lawrence were showing off their choreography during a vacation in Jamaica, leaving viewers impressed with how in sync they are.

“Ok Matthew!! He got some chocolate now he got the moves!! I approve!!” one person innocently wrote beneath the actor’s post. “Caramel 😉🤩,” Chilli wrote back, suggesting she identifies with a lighter shade of brown than others see her. As people began reacting to this, the 52-year-old doubled down on her original statement. “Chocolate is beautiful also… Never said it wasn’t But without a tan, I’m caramel. What’s the harm in being truthful? Good grief,” she wrote back to a critic.

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Chilli’s Response to “Chocolate” Compliment Sparks Massive Debate

“It’s not the fact that she considers herself caramel,” one frustrated user explained beneath @theneighborhoodtalk’s post. “It’s the fact that she took the time to CORRECT the person who was obviously giving her a compliment 🥴🥴.” Another chimed in with their two cents, writing, “I really hate the spectrum of Black y’all tryna create, and it mainly stems in the Black community. [White] folks do not be talking ’bout, ‘I’m salmon pink,’ 🙄.”

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“Wasn’t Chilli the darkest out of TLC!?” another person asked, earning thousands of likes from more music lovers in agreement with them. Keep scrolling to read more online reactions to the “Waterfalls” hitmaker’s post, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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