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Chloe Bailey Shares A Cover Of Muni Long’s Hit “Made For Me”

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Fans of Chloe Bailey are primarily used to one thing on her Instagram, stunning fit pics. Nearly every function she attends and even some of her own vacations are retreats are often accompanied by pictures showing off her good looks and good taste. But she’s also not shy about sharing her own version of other hit songs by some of her contemporaries. Last year, she shared a video singing one of the biggest rap songs of the year, Gunna’s “fukumean.” Now she’s taken on a breakthrough R&B track from early 2024 to give her take on the song.

That track is “Made For Me” by Muni Long. It’s a follow-up to her breakthrough hit “Hrs & Hrs” from 2022 that’s off to a great start on the charts. The song currently sits inside the top 30 with the chance to potentially climb even higher in later weeks. Now Bailey is cosigning the song while also sharing her own rendition of it. She posted the video to social media earlier this week where fans once again praised her raw vocal talent. Check out the full video and some of the fan reactions to it below.

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Chloe Bailey Covering Muni Long

Last year, Chloe helped bat back rumors that her sister and musical collaborator Halle Bailey was secretly pregnant. Despite how much they fought back fan speculation, Halle was actually pregnant the entire time. She gave birth to her first child last month, at which point everyone involved opened up on the relief of no longer having to keep the secret.

A few weeks later she described the pregnancy as the “best kept secret ever.” Many fans fought back at that suggestion citing just how much speculation swirled about her potentially being pregnant for months before she gave birth. What do you think of Chloe Bailey’s take on the Muni Long song “Made For Me?” Do you think “Made For Me” has the potential to be one of the biggest R&B hits of the year? Let us know in the comment section below.

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