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Deontay Wilder’s Fiancee Hits Him With Restraining Order, Alleges Domestic Violence

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Telli Swift, the fiancée of boxer Deontay Wilder, recently obtained a temporary restraining order against the famous athlete after she alleged that he had mistreated her several times during the previous six years. Swift, who started dating Wilder in 2015, submitted an application for the TRO in Los Angeles late last week. On Monday, the judge approved it, two days after Wilder was eliminated in a well-publicized match with Zhilei Zhang.

Swift said in her order request that Wilder had choked her “at least five times” since 2018. She added that the 38-year-old heavyweight had spit on her numerous other times and that, in a fit of rage, he had forced her face into a pillow for so long that she “nearly suffocated.” Additionally, Swift said that in mid-April, Wilder obtained unauthorized access to her laptop and sent unsettling texts to both her personal and professional connections. Swift said in the TRO application that the abuse continued, claiming that Wilder would not stop disparaging her, threatening to destroy her possessions, and expecting her to have sex with him “three times a day.”

Deontay Wilder Fiance Hits Him With Restraining Order

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MAY 23: Telli Swift, Deontay Wilder and Robbi Lew attend Telli Talks Podcast Season Release Party at The Classic Cat on May 23, 2023 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amy Graves/Getty Images for Telli Swift)

She most recently claimed on April 15 that Deonty Wilder threw her out of their Atlanta home, even though she was in critical condition following an invasive operation. After becoming engaged to the fighter in 2018, Swift said she had been living in their LA area house with their 6-year-old daughter, but she also claimed that Wilder had been spying on her through the home’s surveillance system. When Wilder eventually returned home after his altercation with Zhang in Saudi Arabia, she continued to be concerned that he might become aggressive against her.

Wilder has not yet responded to the accusations in writing. Until both parties appear before a judge on June 25, the TRO—which mandates that Wilder keep at least 100 yards away from Swift and their daughter—will be in force. Overall, these are serious allegations against Wilder. The former boxing champ was just recently knocked out by Zhilei Zhang in an embarrassing fashion. His fiance has gone through the necessary steps to protect herself against the abusive behavior that she alleges has been going on for quite a while. 

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