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Eminem Is Still Uses A Blackberry Smartphone

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Source: Variety / Getty / Eminem

Eminem isn’t team iPhone or Android. His allegiance still lies with the iconic Blackberry smartphone.

The iconic Detroit rapper isn’t on the scene much, and his presence on social media isn’t as active as most celebrities, possibly due to the device he is using.

DJ Whoo Kid shared a candid and very rare photo moment featuring Slim Shady, and in it, the “My Name Is” rapper can be seen using a Blackberry device.

Yup, that same Blackberry device that the company maker of the same name decided it was time to stop making in a world dominated by phones that no longer have keypads.

In the caption for the Thursday Instagram post featuring Eminem and Denaun Porter for the WHOO’s House Podcast, he confirmed the rapper still uses a Blackberry while making a joke about Mathers’ Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant.

“Eminem was trying to figure out who ate his last mom’s spaghetti box in the dressing room,” Whoo Kid wrote. “I was like @momsspaghettidetroit I told him it was @iamdenaun. and by the way yes. He still has a blackberry phone.”

Did Whoo Kid Respond To Mr. Chimetime?

Whoo Kid’s mention of Mom’s Spaghetti could be a response to popular food blogger Mr. Chimetime slamming Em’s restaurant.

“This is by far the worst spaghetti that I have ever had in my entire life of eating spaghetti,” Chime said in a video. His harsh critique of the spaghetti continues, “When I tasted this, it kinda reminds me of middle school cafeteria meat. But I’m a keep it 100 with you, middle school cafeteria meat is better than this bullsh*t, bruh.”

Maybe Eminem was typing up a diss track for Mr. Chimetime on his Blackberry. We wonder if he has other raps on there as well.

One can only wonder.

We’re not mad at Eminem for being loyal to his Blackberry device because BBM was popping, the keypad was amazing, and the email app was exceptionally clutch.

So we get it.

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