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Environmental Nonprofit Hip Hop is Green Welcomes Miyoko Schinner and Jasmine C. Perry to Board

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Renowned vegan entrepreneur Miyoko Schinner, founder of Miyoko’s Creamery, and filmmaker Jasmine C. Perry have taken on new roles as board members of Hip Hop is Green—a nonprofit powerhouse blending hip hop culture with environmental advocacy and wellness initiatives.

Keith Tucker, founder and executive director of Hip Hop is Green, shared, “We’re excited to welcome these trailblazing leaders to our team. Miyoko’s decades-long dedication to revolutionizing plant-based eating and Jasmine’s powerful storytelling about veganism will be critical as we expand our movement nationally.”

Miyoko Schinner: Pioneering Plant-Based Revolution

Schinner’s influence in the plant-based food industry is vast, having spearheaded a plant-based cheese revolution through innovative technology. Her commitment extends beyond business, notably with Rancho Compasión—an animal sanctuary that houses over 100 rescued animals. Schinner’s impact on culinary culture is profound, reflected in her bestselling cookbooks and appearances on TV. Named one of Forbes 50 Over 50 and recognized as an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Female Founder, Schinner joins Hip Hop is Green to propel the movement’s national expansion.

“I joined Hip Hop is Green’s board to support their programs that give kids the experience of understanding how real food is grown—and why eating green is cool and empowering,” said Schinner.

Miyoko Schinner

Courtesy of Miyoko’s Creamery

Jasmine C. Perry: Amplifying Voices Through Film

Filmmaker Jasmine C. Perry, acclaimed for her documentary The Invisible Vegan, has also joined Hip Hop is Green’s board. Perry’s work explores dietary habits within African-American communities and challenges societal norms. Her professional journey—from producing TV shows like America’s Got Talent to publishing children’s books on healthy eating—underscores her commitment to wellness.

Perry said, “I love that Keith is evolving the culture by shining light on the more nourishing aspects of hip hop, while giving visibility to the contributions of BIPOC populations in green spaces. I’m honored to be a part of this evolution.”

The addition of Miyoko Schinner and Jasmine C. Perry to Hip Hop is Green’s board underscores the nonprofit’s commitment to leveraging diverse perspectives in the fight against climate change and in promoting health and wellness through the lens of hip hop culture.

For more information, visit HipHopIsGreen.com.

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