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Floyd Mayweather shared his thoughts on both P. Diddy and NBA YoungBoy on The Pivot

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In a recent episode of “The Pivot” podcast, Floyd Mayweather offered insights into two prominent figures: P. Diddy and NBA YoungBoy. The podcast discussion delved into Diddy’s legal issues concerning multiple sexual assault allegations, which had a significant impact on his business ventures last year.

Additionally, Mayweather’s share familial connection to NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, through Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna Mayweather, was highlighted. Iyanna and NBA YoungBoy welcomed their first child together, Kentrell Jr., in January 2021, establishing Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the grandfather of NBA YoungBoy’s child.

NBA YoungBoy

When questioned about his relationship with NBA YoungBoy and the influence the rapper has had on him, Floyd Mayweather responded with enthusiasm and positivity. Mayweather emphasized that his paramount objective has consistently been to witness his loved ones, particularly family members, prosper and evolve—a dedication he holds in high regard.

The retired boxer underscored that he frequently engages in conversations centered around this very concept with NBA YoungBoy, almost on a daily basis. Observing the trajectory of NBA YoungBoy’s career brings Mayweather immense joy and pride.

“The ultimate goal is to always put your loved ones your family members in a position to grow. And that’s what it’s about me an NBA young boy speak on a regular speak on a daily, very happy for his career, proud of him and eventually he’s going to grow. Like anybody that’s dealing when I was young.
We talked about investments and just growth buying land. And what’s crazy out here in the world today.

Regarding P. Diddy, who faced sexual assault allegations, Mayweather took a nuanced stance. He stated,

“Personally, I prefer not to involve myself in such matters. While I don’t agree with his actions and certainly don’t endorse them, I believe it’s not my place to intervene or pass judgment. Even if such a situation were to involve my own daughter, it would undoubtedly cause me pain, but I acknowledge that it would be a consequence of her choices, not mine to manage or condemn.”

50 Cent inquired of Floyd Mayweather whether he was “stupid” or “dumb” in response to Mayweather’s contentious remarks regarding the sexual abuse allegations surrounding Diddy.

“They didn’t even ask him about this,” 50 Cent captioned the post, in which he shared Floyd’s comments.”

In summary, Mayweather’s views reflect a balance of empathy and pragmatism, acknowledging the complexities of personal situations and individual choices.

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