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Rubi Rose Shows Off Her Incredible Flexibility In New Videos

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Earlier this week, Rubi Rose took to her Instagram story to share some exercising videos. Alongside what appears to be her personal trainer she shows off a variety of stretches, some of which are impressively complicated. But even more impressive is her ability to contort her body into some fascinating positions. In the comments, fans shared their stunned reactions to her abilities and mused on what it would take to get that flexible.

One of the top comments on a post recapping the videos features a fan wondering if they were even capable of one day reaching that level of flexibility. “Serious question can you become this flexible as an adult that currently isn’t flexible?” the comment reads. Others pointed out just how impressive her trainer is. “I need to book a class with him ! He doesn’t play …I’ll be a fresh baked pretzel by tomorrow,” an additional top comment reads. Check out the multiple videos she shared and the fan reactions to them below.

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Rubi Rose’s Stunning Flexibility

The new videos come a day after an explicit video of Rubi Rose was allegedly leaked online. Reports claim that someone from her inner circle may have leaked the clip onto Twitter, but all the rumors are currently unconfirmed. She would be the most recent high-profile to suffer a similar leak since they’ve become increasingly common in the past few years.

Last month, Rubi Rose found herself caught up in Nicki Minaj’s ever-ongoing beefs. She reportedly called Nicki “evil” amidst her Megan Thee Stallion beef. The Barbz came down hard on Rose as a result bombarding all of her social media posts. They also went digging through basically her entire history looking for dirt on her to bring up. What do you think of Rubi Rose’s new videos showing off her flexibility? Do you think with the right training and dedication you could reach the same level as her? Let us know in the comment section below.

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