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J Molley Breaks Silence Following Suicide Attempt

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J Molley Breaks Silence Following Suicide Attempt. A few days ago, J Molley caused quite a stir on X social media platform with fans and fellow rappers panicking following his Instagram Live attempt to commit suicide.

J Molley Breaks Silence Following Suicide Attempt

In a whirlwind of posts on X, J Molley unveils the tempest raging within, a heartrending plea for society to envelop the dark clouds of mental health with warmth and wisdom. Whilst he did not succeed with his suicide attempt after the people close to him saved him from the darkest of moments, the rapper is back on social media interacting with his fans as if nothing happened.

Taking to his X account, J Molley made a post engaging his followers and fans on whether they have any idea about trading cryptocurrency. “If you understand the methods of buying and selling crypto and can make payments with crypto currency hit me up now,” wrote J Molley.

After the rapper filmed himself trying to take his life on Instagram Live, most fans were perplexed by his post, with some sarcastically asking him if he was still alive. In the midst of what happened, J Molley is yet to address the elephant in the room on what happened leading him to attempt killing himself.

Before he attempted to commit suicide, Molley wrote a social media cutting ties with his father stating that he would see him on the other side. “No amount of money that I’ll be receiving in the next 2 months will take away the pain from the last message I have sent to my dad prior to blocking him. I’d be lying if I said I love him but I truly feel so much pain for his current suffering and financial issues regardless of what he’s done to me in the past,” he wrote.

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