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Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber’s Hug At Coachella Sparks Intimacy Debate

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This year’s Weekend One of Coachella was a pretty interesting one: a great Tyler, The Creator performance, some notable celebrity cameos, and another excuse for casual homophobia to run rampant online. Moreover, this last phenomenon is due to a clip of Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith embracing at the festival. In the video below, you can see the former hug the latter from behind and sway around dancing, and then the Canadian superstar lands a kiss on his friend’s cheek. Of course, this led to a lot of pause-core reactions from users in the comments section below, many of which simply made fun of an innocuous public display of affection.

For example, here are some standouts: “That white n***a in front them looking like he can’t believe his own 2 eyes,” “i don’t care what anybody says i don’t just kiss my boys on the cheek every time i leave,” and “Why everyone moving gay now? Is it the new trend???” Sure, it’s a pretty suggestive and odd interaction, but more so because of the public TMI nature of it, not the act itself. However, others commenting on Jaden Smith’s hug drew a connection to Justin Bieber’s ties to Diddy amid his sex trafficking scandal, which has also elicited a lot of sexuality discussions. “Look what diddy done did to him lmfaooo,” one user wrote.

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For those unaware, Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber have a pretty public and tight relationship as friends, going on tour together and performing multiple times across their careers. They’ve never really done much beforehand to elicit this type of reactions from social media users, though. Regardless of the nature of their intimacy or how they view it, it’s also just impossible to make a judgement call on this without knowing these people. Don’t we all know of some weird physical bond between two of our friends that’s hard to explain to others? Maybe we’re just digging the grave further at this point…

Regardless, raising these eyebrows in a way that mostly puts homosexuality down is not the way to speak on what’s simply somewhat cringe-inducing PDA between two pals. Also, they’re both very much taken right now, so maybe that’s what should be at the forefront of reactors’ minds. But what do you think about this whole gossip train? Let us know in the comments and keep checking in with HNHH for more news and updates on Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber.

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