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Summer Walker & Her New Boyfriend Ignore His Allegations, Live It Up In Mexico

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Last week, Summer Walker celebrated her birthday alongside her new boyfriend, Coop Cashington. She hard-launched their relationship with a sweet Instagram post, however, things quickly took a turn for the worse. Almost immediately, various women took to social media to share their own alleged experiences with Cashington, which sparked concern among Walker’s fans.

One woman, who goes by @AnaSofaKingCoo on Twitter/X, accuses Cashington of posting her explicit content without consent. Another, Miss B Nasty, later alleged that he told several people they were in a relationship when they hadn’t even met. “He wants to keep every model to himself and tries to control all their social media and even tries to control their personal lives,” she wrote. “I wish more people would speak up about his harassment and ‘stalker-ish’ p*mp ways.”

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Summer Walker & Coop Cashington

The pair has yet to address the allegations, but by the looks of things, they’re unbothered. In a new clip Walker shared on her Instagram Story last night, the two of them are seen dancing in the streets of Mexico, making the most of the performer’s birthday trip. Her supporters aren’t happy about her latest romance, and are sounding off in the comments section. “Maaan all the damn stories I heard about this man, I’m just waiting for the breakup album cause ain’t no way this is gonna end well,” one critical commenter writes.

Others are coming to her defense, arguing that she’s allowed to date whoever she chooses. Only time will tell whether or not they decide to comment on the accusations, but either way, it doesn’t seem as though they’re letting them get in the way of their good time. What do you think of the allegations Summer Walker’s new boyfriend has been facing as of late? What about the couple looking unbothered on their trip to Mexico? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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