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K. Michelle Disagrees With The Bible’s Take On Homosexuality

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K. Michelle has never shied away from proclaiming her faith as a Christian, but evidently, the Memphis-born performer doesn’t agree with everything the Bible preaches. Earlier this week, she was chatting with her followers on Instagram Live when she began to discuss homosexuality, and what the religious text says about it. According to her, she’s not buying the notion that loving someone of the same sex is a one-way ticket to hell while murderers can get off scot-free.

“You’re not supposed to be this in the Bible, you’re not supposed to be gay and this and that, I don’t believe that,” she begins in a clip from the stream. “I don’t believe that you’re not supposed to be gay in the Bible… I just don’t believe that.”

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K. Michelle Defends Her Stance

The country icon then went on to stress that people are supposed to be themselves. “People are supposed to be what they are on the inside,” she explained. “No sin sends you to hell! Okay, it’s okay for you to kill a person but it ain’t okay for you to be gay? Like, I don’t believe that. You can be gay and you can be who you are.” While K. Michelle’s hot take has sparked a bit of a debate among social media users, she stands by it, taking to The Neighborhood Talk‘s comments section to defend her stance.

“You’re free to believe what you want that’s the beauty of life,” she wrote in part earlier today. “I love the lord and that’s who I worship. I don’t have a heaven or hell to put anyone in it’s not for me to judge. Who are you to judge someone cause they sin differently from you. My relationship with God is mine and it is strong.” What do you think of K. Michelle denouncing the Bible’s take on homosexuality? Do you agree with her? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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