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Leaving Bad Boy Records and embracing freedom

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French Montana, the renowned rapper and entrepreneur, has been making waves in the music industry for years. From his humble beginnings in Africa to his rise to fame in the Bronx, Montana’s journey is one of resilience, talent, and determination. In a recent interview, he opened up about his departure from Bad Boy Records, his transition to Epic Records, and the challenges he’s faced along the way.

French Montana’s departure from Bad Boy Records marked a significant turning point in his career. After fulfilling his obligations with the label, he made the bold decision to part ways and become a free agent. Despite rumors of a “Bad Boy curse,” Montana insists that he left on good terms with Puff Daddy and ensured that everyone involved received their fair share.

“This is me leaving, leaving Bad Boy and Epic. So it’s on Epic, but it’s my last album, last album on Epic. Yeah, this is me leaving, leaving everything, right? This is me becoming a free agent. Did you and Puff part on good terms? Vlad asked. Yeah, yeah, great terms. ‘Cause you fulfilled everything?”

Transitioning to Epic Records, French Montana embraced his newfound freedom as a free agent. His last album with Epic served as a testament to his artistic growth and independence. Montana’s ability to navigate the complexities of the music industry while staying true to his vision is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft.

“I fulfilled everything. I make sure everybody got their money. I made sure, you know, Rozay got his money. I made sure Puff got his money, made sure Epic got their money. Yeah, Epic’s still making money, you know what I’m saying? Everybody, brother shoulders with made money, right? You know what I’m saying? And had a chance to have a great time, you know what I’m saying?”

“And when people say “Bad Boy curse, you’re the exception of that. Vlad questioned. I’m blessed on a different level. I came from Africa, I made it out the jungle, right? Like a whole different, I made it out the Bronx, Africa first, the whole n everything, man.”

In the interview, French Montana also addressed a recent incident involving his driver’s robbery. Clarifying that he had no involvement in the situation, Montana expressed frustration with the media’s tendency to sensationalize stories in the hip-hop world. He emphasized the unpredictability of life in the industry and the importance of staying focused amidst distractions and rumors.

“Vlad inquire about his robbery situation – Now, right around that time, your driver gets robbed, uh-huh. Was it your watch? No, no, it was his watch. I don’t even know about that situation. I wasn’t even with him. $300,000 Richard Mille watch, I wasn’t even with him, yo. Montana answered. “

“He added, It’s crazy, I’m in, you know what I’m talking about though, right? Yeah, it was, we was by The Dream hotel and somebody came with somebody that came with somebody that came with somebody again, and it’s just like, you know, they, it’s like, it’s like this man, this how life goes. Everybody wanna be around, but as soon as something happens, everybody wanna blame “

French Montana’s journey from Bad Boy Records to Epic Records is a testament to his resilience, talent, and unwavering determination. By leaving on good terms with his former label and embracing his freedom as a free agent, Montana has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As he continues to navigate the highs and lows of fame, one thing remains clear: French Montana is here to stay.

Watch the full conversation between French Montana and Vlad below

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