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ONCEs react to TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s relationship with Zion.T

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So, to recap: 2/9 of TWICE are already in a relationship.

On April 5, 2024, South Korean news outlet SWAY first reported that TWICE’s Chaeyoung was in a relationship with hip-hop and R&B artist Zion.T, and have been in a relationship for 6 months. The two were said to have met through a mutual acquaintance and enjoy spending their time together in the Gangbuk-gu area in Seoul.

Later that day, JYP Entertainment confirmed the reports stating, “The two of them ware currently dating with positive feelings for one another. They are supporting each other.”

In case you didn’t know who Zion.T is (which is a shocker), he is a hip-hop and R&B artist currently signed with THE BLACK LABEL and debuted in 2011 in a collab with other Korean hip-hop artists.

He reached mainstream success with his 2014 digital single “Yanghwa BRDG,” and in 2015, he won the “Best Vocal Performance (Male)” award for his song “Eat” and the “Best Collaboration” award for his track with fellow K-Hip-hop artist Crush “Just” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

In 2018, he collaborated with Red Velvet’s Seulgi for his song “Hello Tutorial”.

ONCEs, who were all speculative at first, didn’t hesitate to shower Chaeyoung with congratulatory words and expressed their support for her relationship with someone who looked just like her type.

Oh, and did we mention he’s literally a household name in the Korean R&B scene?

Others also cheered at how open the two of them are, as Zion.T was seen to have followed Chayeong on Instagram.

Other ONCEs also defended Chaeyoung from negative, backhanded, and delusional comments, clocking the haters one by one.

Anyway, shouldn’t we all just be happy that Chaeyoung is happily in a relationship? Like, good for her!


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