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Lil Baby Music Video Hit By Shooting That Injures Three People

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Atlanta, GA – 

Lil Baby‘s music video shoot was blighted by gunfire, resulting in three people being injured.

The rapper was filming in Atlanta near a commercial strip on Tuesday (May 14) when the shooting broke out. Baby himself was not injured in the incident.

According to Atlanta police, three men were shot and suffered wounds to the chest, arm and neck but all are expected to survive.

Police also confirmed that the injured men are not believed to have been on Lil Baby’s production team and their identities are currently not publicly available.

Lil Baby has yet to comment on the incident or confirm his presence at the scene of the shooting.

Police have also not commented on any potential suspects or what the motive for the shooting may have been.

Youtube Video - Lil Baby Music Video Targeted By Shooting That Injures Three People
HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Lil Baby Music Video Targeted By Shooting That Injures Three People

The incident comes less than a year after a shooting occurred at a Lil Baby concert in Memphis, leaving a man in critical condition.

Shots were fired inside the FedEx Forum, critically injuring one attendee — who was later confirmed to be the late Young Dolph‘s cousin, CEO Jizzle.

Multiple videos surfaced online showing the Memphis native in hospital, hooked up to a machine with bloody bandages on his chest and torso area. In one clip, he said he wanted people to “pray for me, but pray for the oppos 10x harder.”

In another, Jizzle declared that no “fuck boy” was going to take him out and called for news outlets to stop posting him because “imma dog” and “this shit concrete,” referring to his body’s ability to absorb gun shots.

There were additional videos that showed the moment the shooting happened, along with CEO Jizzle being wheeled out of the venue on a stretcher.

Lil Baby later offered a statement without referencing the shooting directly.

“Unfortunately I Couldn’t Perform Last Night In Memphis, Ima Make Sure Everybody Gets A Refund Tho,” he wrote on social media.

GloRilla, who was a supporting act at the concert, filmed her live reaction to the shooting.

“What the fuck, cuz?! These folks just got they gun in the fucking arena, fool… insane. Yes y’all, Memphis is ghetto as fuck,” she said on Instagram Live while being escorted out of the arena.

“We’ve been on the tour this whole fucking time and today they wanna fucking shoot. There hasn’t been a shootout at not one of these shows.”

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