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Meet TikTok’s “Looking for a Man in Finance” Song Creator Megan Boni

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“The song is coming. My YouTube channel is coming. Prepare for couch invasion,” Megan Boni exclusively told ‘Distractify.’

Anyone with chronically online syndrome, TikTok brain rot, and permanent dents in their couch (us included) surely knows TikTok creator Megan Boni‘s makeshift viral tune “Looking or a Man in Finance.” For those who prioritize healthy relationships with their phones and touching grass on the regular, the lyrics of the undeniably catchy song read as follows:

“I’m looking for a man in finance, with a trust fund, 6′5,″ blue eyes. Finance. Trust fund. 6′5.″ Blue eyes.” Repetition is part of its easily remix-able charm.

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Megan is perhaps better known as Girl on Couch, a TikTok moniker that stemmed from her post-work butt-on-couch, TikTok-scrolling unwind routine.

Currently getting her master of business administration degree online, the 26-year-old New Yorker has a natural wit and a mind for social media marketing, so she wasn’t entirely surprised when her satirical sound entranced the internet. As of this writing, her April 30, 2024, video has been viewed over 20 million times on the platform.

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“I’m literally taking a social media class right now, and I’ve been in my head remembering that the first three seconds of every video are super important. Like, the shorter the better,” she exclusively told Distractify during a phone interview. “I knew that I would go viral. I didn’t think it was gonna go this viral.”

Megan’s cheeky vocal fry–filled video has not only earned her burgeoning internet stardom but also a slew of followers. She now has over 187,000 followers and counting.

But singing about the hunt for a privileged, wealthy, towering man hardly represents Miss Girl on Couch. Distractify exclusively chatted with Megan about turning her viral TikTok sound into a real song, Saturday Night Live dreams, and her brand of authentic, relatable internet humor. Who knows, her comedy stylings may soon be coming to a sunken-in couch near you.

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According to TikTok star Megan Boni, “Looking for a Man in Finance” is not about any one person.

While Megan’s TikTok account is a goldmine of vulnerable, current, and smart humor, her “Looking for a Man in Finance” video is the true talk of the town.

“I wrote the lyrics down when I filmed a TikTok about my best friend getting a boyfriend or something. … I thought of these four things; I think I was thinking about a girl who says [she’s] not high maintenance and doesn’t want to be single, but then has these needs that are basically impossible,” she explained before quipping that this is relatable for her.

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“I have the highest standards ever because of dating apps.”

And if you were wondering what Megan actually wants in a partner, she simply wants someone who “gets” her. “And who probably balances me out and is not as hyperactive as I am.”

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The Penn State grad had previously shared her surprise over some internet users not understanding the bimbo-core, satirical bit as if she’s actually on TikTok searching for this nonexistent “ideal” man. Meanwhile, Megan initially decided to get her MBA with the goal of working for a company’s social media team and not relying on a man.

“I want to be comfortable without a man and make a lot of money, and I think I’m good at this,” she said of her social media talents.

Megan Boni on collaborating with DJs and music producers: “I was thrust into this entire industry.”

After Megan prompted artists to turn her spontaneous tune into “an actual song plz just for funzies,” Dutch DJ and producer Nicky Romero and TikTok creator Tima Pages, among many others, answered her plea.

“I really want everyone to be able to release their own versions with me,” she shared, revealing she’s currently working with a record label.

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Megan — who knows the song exudes a Charli XCX–esque coolness — is over the moon about celebrities referencing her song, including Welsh singer-songwriter Marina (previously Marina and the Diamonds), Call Her Daddy podcaster Alex Cooper, and singer-songwriter and producer Finneas.

“I think he’s definitely No. 1 for me. He’s a Grammy and Oscar winner, so like, bowing down,” she said of Finneas.

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Megan Boni got candid about the Girl on Couch brand: “It’s never serious.”

Megan’s rise to internet stardom is quite similar to those of funny gals Brittany Broski and Megan Stalter, both of whom ran with their well-deserved virality and watched their entertainment careers blossom.

Hoping to follow a similar path, Megan recently quit her NYC sales job and has received tons of support from her parents, friends, and even her bosses.

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“My job was really understanding. They were like, ‘This doesn’t just happen, you got to do what you got to do,'” she explained. “I do want to be an actress or comedian.”

As far as her personal comedy inspirations, Miss Girl on Couch referenced Aubrey Plaza, Chloe Fineman, Nikki Glaser, Tina Fey, and “all the SNL women.”

Before her dreams of being an SNL cast member come true (fingers crossed), Megan envisions herself starting a YouTube channel, doing intentional brand partnerships, booking auditions, and “at a festival and performing from a couch.”

And though she’s still exploring her niche, Megan feels the essence of the Girl on Couch brand is “relatable satire that embraces laziness.”

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When we asked Megan where she sees herself in five years’ time, she knew exactly what to say:

“I see myself with a beautiful array of couches in a condo in New York City, hopefully going to my job at SNL. Period!”

No 6′5″ blue-eyed man in finance in sight.

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