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Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Comedians Recycling “Gay” Jokes

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It’s no surprise that since Katt Williams’ viral Club Shay Shay interview, various comedians have taken aim at Shannon Sharpe. Recently, for example, Eddie Griffin made fun of Sharpe’s podcast by calling it Club Gay Gay during a set. “Me and Katt [are] the last two that ain’t wore a dress, n***a. I called that n**ga… and said, ‘N***a, let’s do the ‘Non-Wearing A Dress Tour.’ That s**t’ll be hot like a motherf*cker,’” he added. The joke did manage to get a few laughs, however, it’s far from the first time Sharpe’s been accused of being gay.

This was something Sharpe was sure to point out on Nightcap recently. According to him, people are simply talking about him because he’s the “hot thing” right now. He explained that while people continue to “use the same joke” over and over again, he refuses to let it get to him, because he knows who he is.

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Shannon Sharpe Discusses “Gay” Jokes On Nightcap

“They’re using the same joke,” he described. “But at some point in time, it’s gonna get old and people are gonna get tired of y’all saying that ‘Shannon’s gay and Shannon this… You’re going to have to get back to telling jokes.”

Griffin isn’t the only one to talk about Sharpe as of late, however. Recently, Rich Dollaz weighed in on the personality, which resulted in a pretty awkward encounter later. According to him, he ran into Sharpe at the gym after the fact and hoped he didn’t realize it was him because he didn’t “want no smoke” with him.

Rich Dollaz On His Run-In With Shannon Sharpe

What do you think of Shannon Sharpe saying that comedians are running out of jokes about him? What about Rich Dollaz claiming to have run into Sharpe at the gym after “talking sh*t” about him? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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