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viisi takes an unapologetic look at the dark side of a euphoric relationship

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Have you ever felt yourself getting lost in the fantasy of an up-and-down romance? viisi captures the jarring dichotomy between the real world and the fleeting highs of a polarizing relationship on his new single “paradise”. Desperate to stay in the imaginary bliss state of the good times associated with his partner, but doomed to face the harsh reality on his comedown, “paradise” captures the double-sided nature of a complicated relationship.

“paradise” leans into viisi’s nature as a genre-fluid artist with energized riffs that cut between ear-catching, hip-hop flow throughout the verses before colliding as a powerful pop hook at the heart of the chorus. He sings, “I wanna ruin your life while you take mine / Let’s ditch this town while we hitch a ride to paradise.” Delving into the ways that circumstances often tear us apart, viisi writes about family, living situations, and the harsh truths that add distance between two people in love. Like a message in a bottle washed up on the shore, “paradise” is a time capsule of young love divided by the external pressures of growing in different directions.

viisi is a dynamic artist to watch who adds his early influences of 90’s hip-hop to his unique blend of alt-pop. “paradise” is an intimate track for viisi giving context on his past relationship. Listen to “paradise” for a blissful sonic escape.

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