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YSL CO-Founder Confirms What “Thug” Stands For

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As Young Thug’s YSL trial carries on, it’s been a turbulent few weeks for everyone in the courtroom. There’s been a myriad of viral moments where witnesses lash out, shut down completely, or straight up confess they aren’t in the right headspace to be testifying. That’s also come amongst questions about the behavior of various members of the district attorney’s office and a motion filed by Thug’s lawyers to have the lead prosecutor removed from the case.

Now the newest witness on the stand is DK, one of the co-founders of YSL. While being questioned by the defense, he was asked if he knew what “Thug” stood for. It’s been a point of contention in the trial as the prosecution tries to cite his rap name as evidence that the label is also a gang. DK gave credit to an argument the defense has been making since early in the trial, that “Thug” stands for “Truly Humble Under God.” He also claimed that it stands for “The Hate U Give” in different circumstances. Check out the video of DK giving his testimony below.

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YSL-Co Founder Testifies About What “Thug” Means In Young Thug

Last month, Thug’s lawyers filed a motion to have some of the witnesses removed from the witness list. They projected that the trial could last until 2027 if everyone on the witness list was questioned at the same pace they had been so far. In response some witnesses were cleared, including Lil Wayne who was originally expected to testify. He was one of multiple rappers included on the list of potential witnesses but was the only one removed. Rich Homie Quan, YFN Lucci, and Birdman are all still on the list of potential witnesses in the case.

What do you think of one of YSL’s co-founders confirming that “Thug” stands for “Truly Humble Under God”? Do you think the testimony will help Thug’s defense push back on the allegations that YSL is a gang? Let us know in the comment section below.

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