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Travis Kelce Gives Taylor Swift A Boost At Coachella

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift had quite a lot of time at Coachella this weekend. Coachella was a star-studded affair, and fans went wild when the “it” couple joined the party. Amongst the crowds and musical performances, Kelce and Swift were pictured together partaking in the iconic music festival. Travis and Taylor attended the Neon Carnival and danced to Jack Antanoffs band bleachers performance, dancing the night away. Travis was decked out in quite the Coachella fit, rocking a Happy Gilmore hat with bold striped pants. Taylor Swift was decked out in all-black.

Fans were treated to dancing and sharing intimate moments during Coachella. The couple were doing Coachella right, bouncing around to all the parties while giving fans a show. With the giant crowds and demand to see performances, even the VIPs had to get creative to see everything. That’s what Travis Kelce had in mind. The Super Bowl-winning tight End had put some of his football skills to use to help his lady out.

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Travis Kelce Lifts Taylor Swift Like Its Nothing

Travis Kelce decided he could give Taylor Swift a boost, and he did just that. Kelce Picked up the pop star pretty effortlessly. He showed off his NFL strength, and fans couldn’t believe it. It’s another lowkey viral moment from the couple who took over the NFL narrative last season. All in all, the First Coachella weekend looked like a vibe for Kelce and Swift, who didn’t mind being caught candidly by fans.

Kelce and Swift are both in the off-season, so to speak. Travis is resting up before NFL training camp starts back up, and Swift is taking a break from music. Many detractors believe the relationship is just one big promo for the couple. Here we are, one Super Bowl and Coachella outing later, and the relationship is looking like the real deal. Even if they were genuine, their relationship ended up being a big win for everyone involved. As cynical as it may have seemed to some people, Kelce and Swift have proven to be pretty genuine, even in the public eye. We should probably prepare for even more Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift appearances this summer.

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